Best Winter Work Boots

Best Winter Work Boots for Men 2019

During the colder months, nothing can be more comfortable to wear than winter work boots. This type of footwear protects your feet from biting cold weather while ensuring your safety at the same time. In fact, with the temperature reaching below zero or near freezing, you may find it much tougher to maintain warmth on your extremities such as your fingers and toes. Thus, the best winter work boots should be just what you need for this type of weather condition.

Winter work boots for men and women come in a wide range of styles and designs. These may be available in different materials, but the most important thing is you select one that fits you perfectly. Light work boots may be suitable for those who are not fully exposed in the outdoors most of the time since these offer sufficient protection without the bulk or added weight. Just make it a point to consider the amount of time you spend outdoors and your preference on boot design or features, so you can purchase the right pair for you.

If you are engaged in a job that requires you to sit in the cold for hours such as ice fishing, the kind of boots you need is heavily insulated since your toes need optimum protection from frostbites. As for physical activities that involve much movement on the outdoors whether you novels snow or do some kind of construction, then lighter and less bulky winter boots are for you. On the other hand, a pair of waterproof winter boots with a high cut design works best when you need to trudge often through wet and thick snow.

Our Top picks
Wolverine Men's Overpass 6" Mid Composite Toe Waterproof Work Boot, Summer Brown, 10.5
Timberland PRO Men's Boondock 6 Inch Composite Safety Toe Waterproof Industrial Work Boot, Black, 10
Cat Footwear mens Second Shift Work Boot, Dark Brown, 10.5 US
Red Wing Heritage Men's Iron Ranger Work Boot, Copper Rough and Tough, 8 D US
Wolverine Men's Overpass 6" Mid Composite Toe Waterproof Work Boot, Summer Brown, 10.5
Timberland PRO Men's Boondock 6 Inch Composite Safety Toe Waterproof Industrial Work Boot, Black, 10
Cat Footwear mens Second Shift Work Boot, Dark Brown, 10.5 US
Red Wing Heritage Men's Iron Ranger Work Boot, Copper Rough and Tough, 8 D US
Wolverine Men's Overpass 6" Mid Composite Toe Waterproof Work Boot, Summer Brown, 10.5
Wolverine Men's Overpass 6" Mid Composite Toe Waterproof Work Boot, Summer Brown, 10.5
Timberland PRO Men's Boondock 6 Inch Composite Safety Toe Waterproof Industrial Work Boot, Black, 10
Timberland PRO Men's Boondock 6 Inch Composite Safety Toe Waterproof Industrial Work Boot, Black, 10
Cat Footwear mens Second Shift Work Boot, Dark Brown, 10.5 US
Cat Footwear mens Second Shift Work Boot, Dark Brown, 10.5 US
Red Wing Heritage Men's Iron Ranger Work Boot, Copper Rough and Tough, 8 D US
Red Wing Heritage Men's Iron Ranger Work Boot, Copper Rough and Tough, 8 D US

Below are some of the popular products available in the market, which should be suitable for those who need good quality men’s winter work boots.

1. Columbia Men’s Liftop II Snow Boot

Columbia Men's Liftop Ii Snow Boot

Columbia Men’s Liftop Ii Snow Boot

Columbia is a brand that has made a name for itself in the world of outdoor sportswear, accessories, footwear and outerwear. Ever since its inception, it has created products that are well-engineered and incorporated with outstanding technologies to meet every person’s needs. Only the finest materials are used on every Columbia product made, which ensure durability for a number of years. Moreover, you can rely on the best value for your money without sacrificing your sense of style on a Columbia gear or apparel.



In particular, the Liftop II snow boots for men by Columbia come with the following features:

  • High quality sole made of rubber
  • Synthetic and imported materials used
  • Waterproof seam to ensure your total comfort
  • Superior insulation for toes and entire feet
  • 2-inch heels with shaft at about 4 inches from the arch

Pros: Several product users are very pleased about the excellent fit and warmth that these boots offer. Although the footwear keeps you warm and comfortable, it is lightweight enough to make you feel as though you are walking on air. Thus, you will not end up experiencing pain or discomfort as you walk around in these boots since they weigh much less than 5 pounds unlike other models of winter boots.

Cons: The sizing may be a bit tricky, so it is ideal that you opt for a pair that is one size larger than what you normally buy. By doing so, there will be plenty of room for you to wear thick socks for maximum insulation and comfort.

2.  SALOMON Men’s Toundra PRO CSWP Snow Boot

Salomon Men's Toundra Pro Cswp Hiking Boot

Salomon Men’s Toundra Pro Cswp Hiking Boot

Since Salomon was founded in the French Alps territory, it is not surprising that boots from this brand are expected to be suitable for a wide range of winter activities. In fact, the designers of Salomon winter boots are passionate about skiing. Hence, they are able to put together the finest and most ingenious footwear design that will meet the demands of people who spend so much of their time in the snow. As a result of their commitment and fascination with moutain sports, they were able to create a selection of innovative designs and styles for apparel, boots and accesories that are excellent for trail running, hiking, mountaineering and adventure racing.

To give you some ideas on what these winter work boots offer, the following are among the best features in the footwear:

  • Flat and comfortable insole
  • Roomy toebox, perfect for people with broader feet
  • Made of lightweight and superior quality materials
  • Remarkable interior materials for your comfort
  • Light insulation to provide sufficient warmth on the winter season

Pros: Product users were impressed by the accuracy in sizing of these boots, which saves them from any hassles of buying a pair that does not fit them. There is plenty of room for the toe box, and this is great for individuals who have wider feet. Since there are no unnecessary bumps in the insole, it is much more comfortable walking around on these boots. Lastly, no lacing hooks made of metal are found in the footwear, which eliminates the discomfort you may experience with shoes that have this feature.

Cons: As when it comes to buying footwear, it is always important to consider the right size to avoid any inconveniences. Unfortunately, these boots do not come with half sizes, which may be a disappointment for those who want an in-between to two sizing options. Nevertheless, this should not be a deal-breaker because you can always go for the bigger size and wear thicker socks or insulation instead.

KEEN Men’s Summit County III Boot

Keen Men's Summit County Iii Boot

Keen Men’s Summit County Iii Boot

In terms of superb quality, KEEN is known to deliver just the right level of comfort you need for footwear. This is mainly the reason why this brand is noted for a wide selection of footwear that goes perfectly well for various settings whether it is in the mountains, beaches, or urban life. Thus, it is not surprising that in terms of exceptional winter boots, you can vouch on the durability of KEEN footwear to provide you the best value for your money.

Here are some of the features you can expect from the Summit County III winter work boots by KEEN:

  • Made from high quality leather
  • Sole is crafted from synthetic materials
  • Dry Waterproof Membrane keeps your toes and feet warm
  • Dual-climate outsole
  • Warm insulation
  • Shellback support for the heels

Pros: A number of people who have bought these boots planned on spending a vacation in areas with intensely frigid climate. With the maximum level of comfort, warmth and insulation that these boots offer, they were able to experience satisfaction from their purchase because the footwear did not disappoint them. Even when these boots are used for walking on places with below freezing climate, your feet stay warm the whole time.

Cons: These winter boots are a little on the heavy and bulky side, which may not be suitable for hikers who need lighter footwear. Yet, you will find these boots as just what you need when you have to stand in the cold for hours. Sizing for these snow boots may be big, but it should not matter since it provides you ample room for your toes to move around and feel more comfortable.

Reviews of 3 Best Winter Work Boots For Women 2019

Women who are in search of top-notch boots to wear in the cooler months may want to check out these highly recommended options: Columbia Men’s Liftop II Snow Boot FREE Shipping Read review Salomon Men’s Toundra Mid WP Snow Boot FREE Shipping Read review 10000811 Ariat Women’s Heritage 3 Equestrian Boots – Black FREE Shipping Read review

Ariat Women’s Terrain H2O Hiking Boot

Ariat Women's Terrain H2o Hiking Boot

Ariat Women’s Terrain H2o Hiking Boot

These winter hiking boots by Ariat are best worn during the cold, winter months because these provide outstanding comfort and warmth. The material used for the upper is waterproof leather, and there is also a soft lining in the interior that wicks away moisture. Your feet remain dry and warm even if you have to walk in the snow for hours. What’s more, the midsole of these boots is supportive and padded, at the same time. The rubber outsole ensures brilliant performance and durability of the footwear, which means you can wear these boots in a wide range of conditions.

Some other features of these Ariat winter hiking boots for women include:

  • Outstanding support on your feet, thanks to Ariat’s Advance Torque Stability Technology
  • Eliminates fatigue while enhancing proper posture
  • Adjustable lace closure to give you a superb fit
  • EVA midsole made of soft and durable materials
  • Cordura and full-grain high quality leather
  • Breathable and lightweight materials

Pros: Various people who purchased these winter boots loved the great level of comfort they experienced each time they wore the footwear. They loved how the materials used were durable, yet lightweight. Hence, they found it easy to hike while keeping their feet warm and dry the whole time.

Cons: Since these winter work boots are fairly lightweight, these may not be ideal for those who spend more hours outdoors in a frigid zone. These winter boots are more appropriate for agile hikers or people who want lighter boots that offer moderate protection from the biting cold weather.

2 KEEN Utility Women’s Flint Low-W Work Boot

Keen Utility Women's Flint Low W Work Boot

Keen Utility Women’s Flint Low W Work Boot

If you need optimum protection on your feet during the cooler months, then these work boots by KEEN should fit the bill just right. These shoes are crafted from the finest quality of nubuck leather for the upper, and it is waterproof and comfortable to provide you with warmth and comfort. It also features right and left asymmetrical steel toes with TSS component or the “Torsional Stability Shank” to support proper posture and reduce fatigue.

Among the different features of these KEEN winter work boots for women include the following:

  • Rubber material for the sole
  • Asymetrical steel toes for the left and right boot
  • Footbed made of ethylene vinyl acetate (removable)
  • Midsole crafted from the same material for the footbed, which is compression-molded
  • Uppers made of nubuck leather with waterproof features

Pros: For people who are always on their feet most of the time during the day at work, these boots should be the finest choice to consider. Product users loved how lightweight these boots are for steel toes, but somewhat heavier as compared to regular shoes, which is understandable. Upon purchase, you can put on these boots and walk on them comfortably, since there is no need for break ins. Driving your car on these shoes is also never a problem which is not usually the case with other models and brands of steel toe boots.

Cons: Overall, these boots are durable and comfortable enough. There is even ample room for the toes, which is great for those who wear thicker socks. The only slight limitation of these shoes is the difficulty in lacing the shoes tightly since there is a need to pull the shoe laces hard to achieve the best fit.

3 Ariat Women’s Heritage 3 Equestrian Boots

Ariat Women's Heritage 3 Equestrian Boots

Ariat Women’s Heritage 3 Equestrian Boots

Chic and durable, these equestrian boots by Ariat are perfect for those who want a versatile and dependable pair of foortwear. Women will find it more comfortable to walk or ride on these boots, thanks to the outstanding support these offer. The brand features the Duratread TM sole that is ultra-flexible, while the 4LRTM technology by Ariat is simply one-of-a-kind. Made of genuine leather with a high level of craftsmanship, you can ensure total satisfaction from your purchase of these boots.



Excellent features that are included in these boots include:

  • Zipper made of antiqued brass material
  • Elegant and sophisticated appeal
  • Made of leather
  • Optimum performance with the elastic gore panels
  • Shaft is about 6 inches from the arch

Pros: Lacing these shoes is very easy and almost effortless since it only takes minimal effort to do so. There is also great support for the ankles, plus the toe box is roomy enough even when you have wider feet. These boots do not require break ins since the moment you walk on these, you will not experience any stress or pain on your heels, toes or ankles.

Cons: For those who are not fond of traditional style for boots, the footwear may not be as appealing. Nevertheless, if comfort and support are what you need, then these Ariat equestrian boots for women are perfect.


How to Choose the Best Winter Work Boots

The winter season is the best time to engage in numerous fun activities whether it is skiing, sledding, or building a snowman! However, you will be needing the right type of footwear for these activities since you do not want to compromise the comfort and warmth of your feet along the way. With this in mind, it is important that before you go about in an outdoor activity when the temperature is below zero, you should purchase high quality winter work boots with the perfect fit. Read along to learn more about reliable tips on how to shop for the right pair of winter boots for you:

1. Determine the activity you have in mind.

Winter boots are not created equal. There are lighter boots and bulkier ones, and your choice should depend on your purpose or activity this winter season. If you are more into agile winter activities such as trail running or moutaineering, then lightweight winter boots should be perfect options. However, those engaged in jobs that require them to stay outdoors, out in the cold, and stand or walk in thick snow for hours, then bulkier and heavier boots made for these activities are excellent choices.

2. Know the features you need in winter boots.

Every boot comes with its unique and special features, which suit the type of activities they are designed for. When it comes to the most basic feature for a winter boot, it must be able to provide optimum protection for your feet regardless of the conditions. Several other features commonly found in winter boots include slip resistance, superior traction, insulation, warmth and waterproofing. Thus, your feet stay dry and warm the whole time you are out in the cold and freezing weather.

3. Choose winter boots that are either waterproof or water-resistant.

There are several models of winter boots that have waterproofing qualities, which should be outstanding when you need better insulation and protection from the cold weather. In case you are often exposed to snow, rain or ice, wearing waterproof boots is just what you need to keep your feet dry.

4. Select the right type of winter boots that matches your activities.

You can choose from different types of winter boots, and it is only a matter of having a better understanding of the special purposes of the footwear to buy. For instance, there are boots made for hiking, mountaineering, trail running and other activities. Recreational types of winter boots come with better insulation, and these are much sturdier, as well. Yet, you can be sure that all types of snow boots have water-resistant features to offer outstanding level of comfort.

If you want winter boots that are known to offer superior warmth, then Pac boots are your best bet. These are well-insulated and sturdy, but you may find it a bit of a challenge to maneuver in this type of footwear. Those who are engaged in activities such as shoveling driveways, ice fishing, or snowshoeing, Pac boots should be just what you need to stay warm and comfortable.

For more rugged boots, hunting winter boots are suitable to wear. The footwear comes with waterproof components that ensure the warmth of your feet even when you are required to walk or be exposed on shallow water. People who hike over tough and rugged terrain should benefit from these winter boots because of the thick insulation, which is lightweight at the same time.

Some women are more particular about the style and appearance of the footwear, since they do not want to compromise style and fashion. Hence, there are fashionable boots for winter that are chic, yet functional, as well. These boots often come with a wide slip-on style, and there may be faux fur for the cuffs, leather construction and some shearling insulation to provide elegance and comfort. If you believe that you will be walking for hours in the snow, though, you may want to consider wearing slip-resistant outsoles and lower heels to keep you safe and stable.

Lastly, there are work boots that may be a bit similar to the style and function of hunting boots, yet these are often made of thicker leather and better waterproofing. Insulated work boots usually feature a steel toe, and the material used for both the exterior and interior is designed for optimum durability. The only slight drawback of these shoes is the presence of steel toe, which can cause some discomfort on your toes. Nevertheless, you can gain the highest level of protection from these work boots.

5. Consider your budget for buying winter boots.

Now comes the most practical aspect of purchasing winter boots – the price of the footwear. You can find a wide selection of styles, designs and materials used for winter boots, but the most important thing is to be aware of your budget. It is not reasonable to blow up your budget for a pair of boots, but it is also not a wise decision to compromise quality by going for cheap footwear.

Always remember that you get what you pay for, so weigh the pros and cons of each boot you may be looking to buy before you come up with a final decision. Consider your comfort, warmth and protection as you wear these shoes instead of settling with the cheapest available boot in the market.


Your decision of buying winter boots depends on a number of reasons whether you need shoes for leisure activities, sports, fashion or the kind of work you are engaged in. While there may be a multitude of designs you can find in the market, what remains as the primary consideration when purchasing these shoes should be your comfort and protection. Go for winter boots that have slip-resistant soles, waterproof lining, average height of heels, durable outer material and perfect fit. These all add to your comfort, convenience and performance even when the weather is extremely cold.

As you go through this guide on how to choose the best winter work boots, as well as some recommendations for you, it will be much easier for you to shop for the right item that meets your needs, standards and budget.

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