Salomon Men's Toundra Pro Cswp Hiking Boot

SALOMON Men’s Toundra PRO CSWP Hiking Snow Boot Review

Are you in dire need of warm winter boots? Worry no more. The Salomon Men’s Toundra PRO Snow Boot is a highly rated winter boot– men’s which is one of the warmest boots on the market today.

The boot is not only warm, but it is also very comfortable on the foot. If you ever fancy driving a full-size SUV, then this boot can offer you the same feeling.

If you want to buy the boots, here is a review of Salomon Men’s Toundra PRO for men .

Canterbury Unisex Rugby Boots, Black Gravity Grey, 10.5 US Men
  • Lightweight outsole is reinforced for stability and energy response when accelerating or changing direction
  • Synthetic leather forefoot for a lightweight and durable fit
  • Rugby approved 6 metal studs combine with rhombus shaped moulded studs, for unrivalled traction
  • Knitted upper is reinforced with a lightweight but tough TPU Vaposkin for season long durability
  • Standard Fit


The boot has been made using SpaceLoft fabric as well as Aerogel insulation which have been designed to suit the NASA standards. The weight of the boot (1 pound 7 ounces) can draw doubts on whether the boot has the needed warmth for winter.

However, even with the low weight, the boot offers incredible warmth to your feet. The low weight is an added benefit as this feature reduces fatigue during hiking.

In addition, the boot has faux fur lining around the top for warmth and comfort.

The boot has a Thinsulate, which is one reason the boot has a rating of -20F temperature rating. It is advisable if you can buy the one that has a small allowance so that you can wear it with a pair of socks which will be an added benefit to your warmth.

Salomon Men Hiking Boot

Salomon Men Hiking Boot

Moisture resistance

How drier would your feet be than in these boots? The boot is made using a super- effective waterproof membrane which is very critical in keeping slush and water out.

The membrane is also important for breathability. The boot’s high tongue gusset has a waterproof material which offers an extra resistance to puddles as compared to other boots.

The high gusset tongue provides up to 5 inches clearance on stagnant water. The boot’s upper is made of pure full –grain leather which ensures that not even a drop of moisture can trespass.

Fitting and Comfortability

SALOMON Men’s Toundra PRO CSWP Hiking Snow Boot fits almost every activity be it, running, hiking or any other activity in winter. The boot is available in different lengths to ensure that you get the right fit for your feet.

It also has a wide foot throughout which is not bothersome, i.e. toe box. The toe box is spacious enough making it incredibly easy to put an extra pair of socks without feeling uncomfortable or too scrunched. The shoe also has fur along its curf as well as a snugly fitting cup. This brings an extra comfort to your feet even when laced up.

The midsole has molded EVA foam which offers the needed support and comfort. In addition, the boot has a die-cut EVA sock-liner which offers extra fit and an added comfort.


Traction in snowy and icy conditions is vital. It also has a superb Contra-grip outsoles which have great lugs to offer the needed traction for your feet.

This ensures that you don’t slip on slippery icy surfaces. Additionally, the toe cap which is made of rubber protects your toes from rocks and roots.

Ease of use

The boot has a large heel counter which is important in prying off the boots just after using them on a cold day in the snow. This makes them very easy to use.

Additionally, the boot has high gussets which combine well with the traditional lacing system meaning the laces can be left undone if in a hurry from the cold.


Are you in search of a suitable boot for winter? These boots go for under 100 dollars. You don’t have to stay inside the house just because the weather is limiting, get the boot for outdoor activities at the most favorable budget.

After all, extreme cold is always a part of the weather. For the price, there are very few boots that would match the quality of the Salomon boots.


  • The boots have a good grip and incredible lacing that makes it very easy to take them on and off.
  • The back handles make the boots easy to remove.
  • They are extremely warm for the weather.


  • There have been complains on the size of these boots. They argue that the boot is too small that it hurts the toes when walking downhill.
  • The boots don’t look so pretty if fashion is a priority for you.


With most customers on Amazon expressing their satisfaction on the boots, why would you be left out? Choose these boots for your feet and feel the warmth, the comfort and the traction that comes with them. It’s an all-round boot for winter which would be a perfect fit for anyone.