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Work Boots: How to make them last longer -

Work Boots: How to make them last longer

The maintenance of our shoes or work boots is an important element that influences their longevity. We don’t always think about it, but the few minutes we take to eliminate the bad smell inside, to clean them, or the place where we store them will allow you to keep them in a better state for longer.

Here are a few tips to help you keep your boots or shoes looking great for as long as possible!


To keep your work shoes in good condition for a long time, it is important to take care of them and maintain them daily.

Here are a few important tips to keep your work boots and shoes in good condition for a long time :

  • Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • In order to maintain the footwear’s adherence, remove any encrusted mud or snow from the sole and any gravel or metal parts.
  • Brush your shoes to remove stains and dirt or use a damp cloth to wash them, but forget the soap, because leather doesn’t like it!
  • Let your shoes dry in a warm, dry and ventilated room, away from direct heat sources such as an electric baseboard. Avoid leaving them to dry in the sun.
  • If they are made of leather, apply a quality grease or silicone recommended for leather to waterproof them.
  • If they are made of synthetic fabric, clean them by hand with water and mild soap. The same drying instructions apply to leather.


how to remove bad odor from

how to remove bad odor from

After a long day at work, our work boots or shoes may smell of perspiration. To eliminate this odor quickly, we recommend using our Sports Odor product.

Specifically designed to neutralize the odor of perspiration on fabrics, Sports Odor can be used in wet or dry footwear. To eliminate the odor, simply spray the product all over the boots or shoes (remember to treat all the way through) and let it dry naturally.

It is important to understand that every time you wear your shoes, you are sweating inside. The source of the sweat odor is therefore continually returning. Ideally, we recommend that you spray Sports Odeur every night after work, but some people only feel the need to spray every 2-3 days.

Unlike an air freshener that momentarily masks bad odors, Sports Odor eliminates the bad odor as soon as it touches the source. In addition, this product does not damage the fabrics and leaves a fresh smell in the shoes.

5 Tips to Stop Foot Pain when you wear the boot

To bring the boot well-being and comfort because your foot is unique!

1- Shoes that fit your feet

As you know, your feet are unique, so why not wear shoes that match their shape? Flat, normal or hollow feet, mass-produced shoes do not meet the complex needs of your feet. Depending on your sports activities or the amount of time you spend standing or walking, your feet need different levels of comfort. So it’s time to find the right shoe for you!

2- Insoles that fit your feet

Insoles play a guiding role in the alignment and stability of your feet. They provide maximum comfort during your sports activities or your daily walks. Following an analysis of your feet, a diagnosis allows you to know what type of insoles to wear.

High, medium or low arch foot, the insoles absorb shocks and prevent injuries. Discover our range of insoles available for running, cycling, skiing or hiking.

3- Socks adapted to your feet

Would you ever think of wearing a left shoe on your right foot? Of course not! So why not opt for socks that have this option? socks adapt to the shape of your feet, giving the right foot a different profile than the left. You will avoid blisters, rubbing and other friction on your skin.

It has developed a wide range of socks to meet every need and activity. Do your feet get cold in winter? Choose a pair of heated socks for the well-being of your feet and the rest of your body! Are you a running enthusiast? Choose socks that will optimize your outings and limit your injuries.

4- Take care of your shoes

You’ve been wearing your shoes all day, you’ve sweated, endured the rain and snow and your shoes or boots are in bad shape. Don’t wait until tomorrow to take care of them.

Clean your boots and shoes regularly and opt for optimal comfort by investing in a shoe dryer:

5- Protect your feet during and after your sports sessions

Sport is a stressful activity for the skin. It is important to protect your feet before a sports session to avoid injuries and afterwards for a good recovery. It has developed new foot protections: creams and gel protections.

Their material and shape become one with your skin, for the duration of your sport. You can forget about pain and rubbing!


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