How to Remove Dry Paint Stains on Your Boots?

Despite your best efforts, you haven’t been able to clean a dry paint stain? Our tips should help!

A paint stain that is cleaned immediately is usually not a problem. However, once dry, it can be much tougher. If you are confronted with a stubborn paint stain, don’t panic: solutions exist to get rid of it…

  1. How to remove a water-based paint stain?

Are you a watercolor or gouache lover but a little clumsy? Good news: water-based paint stains are among the easiest paint stains to clean, even when they are dry! That’s because water-based paint – unlike oil-based paint – has no fixatives, which makes it much “cleaner” and less likely to cause a big mess on your clothes!

Here’s how to remove a water-based paint stain from a textile or fabric:

  • Start by soaking a clean, dry cloth in rubbing alcohol.
  • Gently dab the water-based paint stain and let the alcohol work for about an hour.
  • Then rinse thoroughly with clean water.
  • Repeat the operation until the stain has completely disappeared, then put your clothes in the washing machine on a normal program.
  1. How to remove an acrylic paint stain?

Acrylic paint is a mixture of pigments and synthetic resins and is actually a type of water-based paint. Therefore, acrylic paint stains are not the most difficult to recover…

Finally, in reality, to clean a dry acrylic paint stain on a textile or fabric, the choice of the most appropriate method depends mainly on how old the stain is and how thick it is. Thus:

  • To clean a recent acrylic paint stain: pour boiling water on the stain, then rub vigorously with a block of Marseille soap.
  • To clean an old acrylic paint stain: the use of household alcohol is often necessary. Soak a clean cloth in it, then dab it gently on the stain, and let the product work until the stain is completely dissolved.
  • In both cases, don’t forget to rinse with clean water at the end of the operation.


This should get rid of your stubborn stain. But if that’s not the case, here’s another method for cleaning an acrylic paint stain: out the stained garment in a bucket filled with water.

Next, mix ammonia and white vinegar (in similar amounts) in a bowl and add a handful of fine salt. Rub the stained garment with the white vinegar and ammonia mixture, repeating until the stain begins to disappear; then wash the fabric with clean water.

  1. How do I clean an oil paint stain?

Oil paint is a paint whose binder is a drying oil, which means that it will harden when exposed to light and air. More resistant than water-based paint, oil paint is not easily cleaned! But don’t worry, it’s not impossible to remove a dry oil paint stain from a piece of clothing or fabric.

Here’s how to remove a dried oil paint stain:

  • Pour a small amount of turpentine locally and leave it on the stain for at least an hour.
  • Once the stain is dissolved, rub gently with Marseille soap and rinse with clear water at the end of the operation.
  1. How to clean a glycerine paint stain?

Glycerin paint is known for its adherence, whatever the type of support it is applied to. It is therefore not surprising that it is so difficult to clean it, even more so if it has dried!

To remove a stain of glycerine paint on fabric, mix equal parts of white spirit and white vinegar. Dip a clean, dry cloth into the mixture and dab the paint stain generously. Leave it on for about half an hour before rinsing with cold water. Result guaranteed!

But if the stain persists, you can probably get rid of it by using an oven cleaner. Be careful: this type of cleaner is very aggressive to mucous membranes and skin, so make sure you wear a mask and gloves before using it!

Soak a clean cloth with oven cleaner and rub it into the stain. Once you’ve finished scrubbing, rinse thoroughly with clean water, then the machine washes your garment according to the instructions on the garment label.

  1. What if the stain doesn’t come out?

Unfortunately, some dry paint stains resist all treatments. When faced with such a situation, remember these tips:

  • Heat can help because it makes it easier to clean a paint stain. In case of clumsiness or mishandling of your brush, don’t hesitate to pour boiling water on your cloth immediately: this will make the stain easier to remove.
  • The use of a paint remover can be an effective solution to dry paint stains, even the most stubborn ones: soak a white cloth or a cotton swab in the product, then rub the stain with it before rinsing the fabric well and putting it in the washing machine (using a standard program). Be careful, however: like oven cleaners, solvents (such as White Spirit) can cause discoloration of clothing. Always test the product on a non-visible part of the garment before applying it to the stain to avoid nasty surprises…
  • Scraping the surface of the stain allows better penetration of the cleaning products. So, a little energy!


Good to know: the best way to get rid of a paint stain on fabric or textile is to act quickly! Indeed, the faster you treat the stain, the less time the products will have to soak into the fabric and stay there. That’s why the first thing to do if you get a paint stain is to remove the excess with a knife, then dab the fabric with a clean cloth to absorb the product.