Keen Utility Men’s Logandale Work Boot Review

Keen Utility Mens Logandale

Keen Utility Mens Logandale

I have been wearing Keen Utility work boots for a few years now and they have gradually become one of my favorite manufacturer. The price range of these work boots is phenomenal.

Now, I will be reviewing the Men’s Logandale work boots. First released in August of this past year, I decided to give them a try because despite being watertight, they seem to be designed to provide maximum airflow and so minimal sweat.



First off, there is no break in period and they match as anticipated. You can literally take them from the box, place them in your feet and go work a twelve hour shift without complaint.

For a steel toe, waterproof boot, they are lighter than you would expect. And you can say they are one of the best steel toe boots in the market.

At the rear of the boot, there is tons of cushioning around the ankle area and after you have the lacing tied up properly, support levels are great.

The uppers are made from synthetics and I believe that this is one of the characteristics targeted at increasing breathability. They also have Keen Dry that is designed to keep out water while allowing vapor escape. And finally there is a moisture wicking lining.

The outcome? Surprisingly effective. They will never be mistaken for a non watertight boot but the Men’s Logandale does come as close as I’ve experienced. The temperatures have not been really high here but even inside I noticed distinctly less perspiration.

Below your feet, there is the exact features found in the majority of Keen work boots, namely a TPU shank, an EVA footbed and a PU midsole, and a rubber outsole.

The EVA footbed feels identical and provides the exact same degree of arch support. Nevertheless, the true sole is noticeably harder than any other Keen boot I’ve tried.

That greater hardness does not make a significant difference. They kept my feet happy beyond the ten hour mark on concrete. However, in comparison to other Keen boots, the tough only is a definite downgrade.

In tests, the only provided good grip on both water and oil. Keen are in fact one of very few manufacturers that give a rating for slip resistance. The Men’s Logandale apparently matches Mark II non slip.

Insulation levels are about average i.e. a fantastic year round boot supplied you will ready to change socks with the seasons.


The Men’s Logandale is one of Keens more trendy work boots. The all synthetic uppers and assorted patterns appear to have been selected for performance instead of design but surprisingly it works. They have a sleek, almost sporty look. The only disadvantage is that those yellow marks mean they are never going to double up as casual wear.


Men’s Logandale work boots has been reviewed 50 times on the Amazon website for an average rating of 4.1 stars out of 5. Very few people mentioned the hard sole, but I think it’s hard. But for this price range you can live with that thing. At the end I think you should defiantly try these work boots.

Keen Utility Men’s Logandale Work Boot Review
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