Chippewa Logger Boots Review

Chippewa Logger Boots Review

Welcome to our Chippewa logger boots review. In our honest opinion, this is the type you pick for your first heritage style logger boots. It’s got the style, that heritage look, premium quality and classic finish.

The name Chippewa Super Logger is not the original name of the product. The official name is Chippewa Men’s 9″ Waterproof Insulated Steel-Toe EH Logger Boot. But, people refer to them as the Chippewa Super Logger.

Logger boots are not the same as your average work boots. The heel is significantly higher, tougher, more durable and most of all packed with more features than your average work boots. In this article, we are reviewing one of the best logger boots made by Chippewa. Yes, it’s all about the Chippewa Super Logger Boots. Read on to find out why they call it the super logger.

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Chippewa Super Logger

Chippewa Super Logger

Chippewa Logger Boots Review

If you are someone that spends most of the time working on the plain surface and concrete floors, then this might not be a good choice. The Chippewa Super Logger as the name suggests is for loggers.

Chippewa takes pride in their heritage. They have the tradition of creating handcrafted American made boots that gives the modern durability while retaining the vintage-inspired look.

There is a reason why many people swear by them. Even the construction workers are fond of these boots. These boots are insulated which means they are also the ideal choice for Winter.

Let’s have a look at the actual the product.

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Chippewa Men’s 9″ Waterproof Insulated Steel-Toe EH Logger Boot

Oil tanned full-grained tough leather uppers.

Steel safety toe cap.

400 grams of 3M Thinsulate Ultra Insulation.

Handcrafted in the USA

Goodyear leather Welt construction.

Ruby Dri-Lex 2000 lining for wicking away moisture that builds up by sweat.

Chip- A- Tex waterproof membrane to keep water out.

Meets or exceeds ASTM F2413-05 standards.

Triple-ribbed steel shank for outstanding ankle support.

Vibram Tacoma Logger Outsole for durability.

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Let’s get on with more details review of the Chippewa Super Logger.

Proudly Made In USA For The People Of USA

If you’re in the market for original, outdoor, or field boots Chippewa has it all. They believe that “American craftsmanship” and the use of premium raw materials is the key to quality boots.

Chippewa takes pride in their heritage by still continuing the tradition of creating handcrafted American made boots.
Well, that’s true. They have the signature label of “Handcrafted in the USA” on all of their products.

  • Design

This boot is built around their classic larger frame design. The lace to toe concept which the beautiful way of just sealing in the foot to the boot. Chippewa still adds some bells and whistles to this that really make it a wonderful classic work boot.

  • Insulation

In our technical part of the review, first off the bat, we would like to talk about the 3M Thinsulate Ultra Insulation. Right off the bat, they have added 400 grams of Thinsulate ultra. This is really good for winter.

It’s the thinner warmer insulation. It’s only 400 grams but you’ve got 400 grams of insulation inside this boot. In addition to its super thick strong leather, cold transference it’s going to happen but it’s going to take a while.

  • Steel Toe

The people who’ll be using the Chippewa Super Logger boots are the ones that will be working with chainsaws. That’s why instead of using a composite they used the steel toe. A lot of people feel that steel toe is heavy.

That’s not entirely true. It’s not the steel toe that makes a boot heavy, it’s the actual materials like the sole, the welting, the upper leather and all those great materials that add weight to a pair of boots.

  • Waterproofing

In terms of waterproofing, the Texon 460 waterproof insoles in these boots will keep your feet dry in both rain and a puddle. The super logger also comes with Chip A Tex membranes that allows air to leave your boot while keeping water safely outside.

  • Keeps Your Feet Dry

These boots have the ability to keep your feet dry all day long. Thanks to the ‘chip-a-tex’ booties, it will keep water out. The Rubi Dry-Lex 2000 lining also works constantly to any remove moisture that builds up internally from sweat. There are some boots like the Kodiak Thane for example that has microfiber inside them for wicking away moisture.

  • Durability

The sole of this boot is made with Goodyear Welt Construction. The leather and sole are very thick. The thickness and the expert craftsmanship makes them very durable. This is why these boots are very popular among loggers, railway workers, firemen, farmers

  • Comfort

Despite this fact that these are tough, heavy, 9-inch boots, the break-in period was minimal. Like most other logger boots, they have a heavy duty 2-inch heel.

The purpose of the heel is to tackle uneven terrain. This makes a massive difference in terms of both stability and traction.

  • Safety

Safety is the number one priority in the logging industry. One slip could cost you dearly. The Chippewa super logger work boots come with all the needed safety features that you would expect.

A safety toe for toe protection and a triple ribbed steel shank for superior ankle support. The heel also provides great traction. When it comes to loggers, traction is vital. These logger boots will keep you grounded no matter what.

In terms of protection from the elements, these logger boots will protect you from just about all on the job hazards.
Built into these boots there’s a full electrical hazard protection. It also meets ASTM standards.

The cool feature about these boots is that the outsole is slip resistant against both oil and water. You’ll have all the traction you want in a logger boot.

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Are Chippewa Boots Good? Will They Last?

This is still the most common question we get. There is a reason why people ask this one.

The logging industry is one of the harshest environments a man or women could work in. They need tough gears in these situations.

Chippewa work boots are made using good year leather Welt construction, which is reserved for only the toughest work boots.

This means these boots have ‘the best materials, the best construction techniques, and the most innovative technology’. It is Chippewa’s quality guarantee!

All logger work boots are built to last. You can also check out our best logging boots review and buying guide to find more about them.

Things We Liked About This
  • These are one of the highest quality logger boots money can buy.
  • These logger work boots are designed to provide extreme traction over all terrains.
  • It has amazing ankle support and gives you extreme comfort.
  • Waterproof membrane keeps water out.
  • Super durable boots built to last.
Things We Didn’t Like
  • Such a high-quality boot means it isn’t cheap. These will cost you more than the average work boot. But hey, these are the “Super Loggers”, they are in a league of their own.

    What’s The Cost?

If you compare this one to other standard logger work boots, these are expensive. In fact, they would cost twice as much as the other average logger work boots.

If you compare to logger work boots, you would find that the Chippewa Super Loggers are priced reasonably. For the quality you are getting, these are the best boots money can buy.

There is no substitute for your health and safety. If you’re in the logging industry, we don’t recommend going for the cheap ones. Invest in something that’ll make your work day much easier and more comfortable.

Chippewa Super Loggers | Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a pair of logger boots, we would definitely recommend the Chippewa Super Loggers.

As you can see from our Chippewa Super Logger Review, it has all the safety features, waterproofing, insulation, quality craftsmanship and superior comfort levels that justify the price tag.

Leave a comment below & let us know what you think about our Chippewa Logger Boots Review.

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Is the Chippewa Super Logger discontinued?

The Chippewa Super Logger was a work boot that was released in the early 2000s. It was discontinued in the early 2010s.

Are Chippewa boots worth the money?

Chippewa boots have been used by hunters, loggers, and people who work in construction or on farms for generations. They are durable, comfortable, and tough.

How much do Chippewa logger boots weigh?

Chippewa logger boots are made with the best materials available. With a weight of 1lb, these boots can be worn for hours on end and allow you to walk through water, snow, and mud. The oil-tanned leather is tough and durable while the steel shank gives you support.  Weight: 3 lbs 4 oz.