Red Wing Iron Ranger work boot review

Red Wing Iron Ranger 1

Red Wing Iron Ranger

The cost of a Red Wing Men’s Iron Ranger is a bit above average. This is affordable when the many years of use is taken into consideration, it is worth the extra cost for such an investment. This is so as product replacement will not be required. The company Red Wing is known for their high quality work boots and were at one point rated as one of the best in work boot construction. All the reasons to purchase an Ion Ranger from Red Wing. Red Wing designs their boots with quality assurance and longevity for their customers. It is not recommended to seek a work boot from Red Wing if you so require a mere standard type work boot at a cheap price, try another brand.


Pure craftsmanship and the highest quality- The Red Iron Ranger are all hand craft work boots with quality and effort through every inch during their construction. These boots are made of leather of the highest order with the potential to last up to 10 years or possibly more. They are indeed equipped with comfort as well as safety features, which all work collectively to produce of the most incredible handmade work boots on the market.


The Red Wing Iron Ranger is a stylish designed work boot and may be unpleasant to users as they start to age. This is dependent on the user but many consider these boots to be better with aging.

The Red Wing Heritage Men’s 6′ Iron Ranger Work Boot

  • Hand crafted in USA.
  • Heavy duty welts and seams, triple stitched, durable.
  • Non-marking leather uppers. (Easy scuff removal)
  • Oil resistant, therefore prevents floor markings.
  • Stitched capping for toe. (No safety toes, they may not be vital in this case)
  • Variety in widths to provide extra comfort.
  • Variants with different color options.
  • Equipped with speed lacing hooks – At the top of work boots.
  • Aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Lets Talk Comfort…

The design of the Red Wing Heritage Iron Ranger is one that is intended to produce a high quality boot that will be very durable while maintaining a very high standard of comfort to its occupants. This work boot will come to the rescue for those hard days of the week and then and only then you will understand the true value of comfort under working conditions.

The idea of each boot size with three different variants each with different width fittings is truly remarkable. This is to assist users to obtain just the right fit. Red Wing is known for their specialty in comfort and top quality shoes, with Red Wing you are guaranteed the best, a company policy

Like many other work boots the Iron Ranger requires some time to adjust to the shape of the feet. As the moment the midsole and leather sole begins to wear that is the moment when the boots are most comfortable.

Let’s talk safety…

The Red Wing Heritage Iron Ranger is intended for work environments such as works required in and outside the household rather than heavy construction or industrial use. It can be used but it is not recommended and the user should do so at their own risk. On the other hand, these boots are known for their support as they are 6” high which is advantageous for your ankles when working on rough terrain. The sole is oil resistant which provides extra grip when working on wet slippery ground surfaces. Furthermore, the water resistant leather material along with the slip resistant sole collectively provides safe movement in snow weather conditions or any water based work environments.

It is safe to say that these boots will offer its occupants optimal protection assuming that they are not subjected to highly hazardous work environments. It is however recommended that if users are required to work in environments with imminent dangers, for instance in the logging industry, a different work boot type should be considered. Construction typed work boots are more suitable in such circumstances.

Will they last?

The design for these work boots focuses on creating a work boot that will be long lasting for its owner. The makers of the Iron Ranger are on the product market for 100 years now approximately making them a trustworthy manufacturing company. As an added bonus, the Red Wing company owns a repair facility in Minnesota whereby boots can be refurbished to its initial condition. This is a great alternative to purchasing a new work boot for individuals seeking longevity of their work boots.