Irish Setter 83605 Work Boot

Irish Setter Men’s 6 Aluminum Toe Work Boot Review

The Irish Setter Toe Work Boot is an excellent boot. It is designed from the bottom up with safety and comfort in mind. Because they are made with only high-quality materials, these boots will last many years. They are made to withstand any harsh conditions that your work may throw at you.

Irish Setter 6

Irish Setter 6

Features of the Irish Setter 6 Aluminum Toe Work Boot

  • The Irish Setter is made from 100% leather. It has a nylon lining. Overall, the materials that are used to make the boots are consistently high quality.
  • It has a white rubber sole that will not leave marks. Also, its outsole is heat resistant. It will withstand melting up to a temperature of 465 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • It has a lace-up system. This means a snugger, more comfortable fit than other boots that don’t offer traditional lacing. It also comes with antique brass eyelets, which help secure the laces and prevent lace erosion and wear and tear.
  • It offers a very high level of toe protection. It meets standards that are in place for impact and compression.
  • It also has a flexible leather upper portion. This adds to the overall comfort level of the boot.
  • It is very lightweight, yet it offers protection and durability that you would often only find in much heavier boots.

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Canterbury Unisex Rugby Boots, Black Gravity Grey, 10.5 US Men
  • Lightweight outsole is reinforced for stability and energy response when accelerating or changing direction
  • Synthetic leather forefoot for a lightweight and durable fit
  • Rugby approved 6 metal studs combine with rhombus shaped moulded studs, for unrivalled traction
  • Knitted upper is reinforced with a lightweight but tough TPU Vaposkin for season long durability
  • Standard Fit

Pros of the Irish Setter 6 Aluminum Toe Boot

  • The protection built into the toe is aluminum. Aluminum is lightweight, yet prevents injuries from impacts nearly as well as steel-toed boots. Quality leather is layered around the toe, as well, adding durability and style.
  • The Irish Setter also adheres to electrical hazard guidelines. This means that in the event of a dangerous electrical situation, you will have extra protection from electricity built into the boot. The heel and sole are both designed to reduce electrical flow if you accidentally come into contact with charged material.
  • The soles are slip-resistant and sturdy. The polyurethane cushion is removable and offers superior comfort while you are on your feet at work.
  • They are waterproof, and your feet will stay dry even after nearly submerging the boot.

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Cons of the Irish Setter 6 Aluminum Toe Boot

The fit of these boots can run a bit larger than advertised. This may be an issue if you order them online. They can feel a little clunky and bulky on your feet, which may be an issue in specific jobs. Construction sites involving climbing or standing on narrow ledges, and situations where you must climb a ladder, may feel a little awkward. There are other lighter boots that you can get that feel more comfortable and agile.

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The Irish Setter 6″ Aluminum Toe Boot is a solid boot. It is very durable, is made of quality materials, and offers excellent toe protection. They are fire-resistant, electrically insulated, and waterproof. Even though there are lighter, slightly more comfortable boots out there, the Irish Setter is the all-around package that will fit your needs.

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  • Aluminum Toe
  • Adheres to electrical hazard
  • Slip-resistant
  • Waterproof