Timberland Pro Titan 6′ waterproof safety toe boot Review

Timberland Pro Titan Safety Toe Boot

Timberland Pro Titan Safety Toe Boot

Exceptionally light weighted work boots.  Select full-grained soft leather – Excellent waterproofing properties from leather material which provides the quickest ‘break time’.  Customer choice whether Alloy or non-metallic composite safety toe – complete protection of your toes guaranteed.  For increased odor control a mesh antimicrobial lining is so employed effectively increasing comfort for feet. High quality rubber out-sole for better oil, slip and abrasion resistance.  Comfortable and very flexible work boots due to the use of cement construction. 30-day comfort guarantee – If not comfortable to your liking you are  guaranteed your money back.

Timberland Pro Titan Features

  •  Tough premium close-grained leather fabrication- maintains desired dryness and are very competent in exceedingly harsh work conditions.
  • Steel toe protection with added width.
  • Slip and abrasion resistant tough rubber sole.
  • Hard arch lining – Almost impossible to puncture by nails.
  • Antimicrobial lining.
  • Detachable nylon mesh used as a sock lining for added comfort.
  • Open-cell polyurethane insole for increase comfort and better joint
  • support.

Timberland Pro Titan 6 Pros:

Along with many other top brands, the Pro Titan is equipped with all the safety characteristics, as well as high quality waterproofing mechanisms. The factor of major concern to customers however, is the excellent comfort that the Pro Titan provides, which is not burdensome on the user’s feet. Well-insulated work-type boots are manufactured by Timberland, which are desirably light-weight and at best, very comfortable. These work boots continue to show the least break in time when compared to other brand work boots, which therefore provides early added comfort. For users seeking one of the safest and most comfortable work boot on the market with improved insulation, then look no further than Timberland.

Timberland Pro Titan 6 Cons:

Unfortunately, in snowy weather conditions these boots are known to cause slippage from icy wet surfaces. If your work environment is similar, it is recommended to seek a work boot that has increased slip resistance. Furthermore, these boots are durable to an extent and if they are being subjected to constant pounding on a regular basis, it is best to seek a tougher work boot.

The Timberland Pro Titan 6′ waterproof safety toe boot


Let’s talk comfort…

It cannot be emphasized anymore about Timberland’s efforts to create the most comfortable work boot in which they did. The Timberland Titan is one of the most comfortable of the company’s work boot models due to the use of their premium leather material. Furthermore, this use of full- grained leather enables the shortest ever break in times which is an added bonus for customers, where work boots maintain that level of comfort from day one. This is very advantageous for individuals who often experience blisters and calluses from newly purchased shoes. This period can be often prolonged and users often experience profound pain before the ‘break-in period’.

In addition, for those individuals who are required to move around and cover significant distances, these boots will provide an excellent service to its occupants due to their lightweight design. Heavy boots make hard work seem even harder, and therefore a light weighted boot would counter this effect and as such the Titan Pro is among the lightest work boots on the market. If you seek comfort and light weighted work boots, then you seek Timberland, with Timberland’s Titan Pro you are guaranteed the best and one of the greatest models Timberland has to offer.

Let’s talk safety…

It is important to note that the Titan Pro is available with a steel toe, a soft toe and a composite toe as well as an alloy typed toe. This is very advantageous to customers as they are optional safety mechanisms. Therefore, customers are capable of choosing the most appropriate toes for their work environments. Furthermore, the rubber sole used is oil and slip resistant and you will never find any wearing as it is abrasion resistant as well. Such a great work boot is also equipped with all standard safety features which is very comfortable and sits among the topmost work boots on the market. If you are in need of one of the safest work boots which exceeds safety standards, then look no further than Timberland’s Pro Pitboss work boot.

Will they last…

Timberland’s Pro Pitboss work boots are manufactured to be one of the toughest work boots on the market which is best suited for the harshest work conditions. By the use of full-grained uppers along with an abrasion resistant typed rubber sole makes the Titan Pro a suitable work boot option for harsh work environments. Furthermore, its flexibility and durability work boot properties are provided from its cement construction which also produces extra comfort. However, this is not the most durable work boot on the market but what is more important is that it is capable of getting the job done in most work conditions they are subjected to. It is recommended to obtain a very good work boot in the first instance because repeated replacements can be overly costly. The Pro Pit has previously received an award for its toughness characteristics and longevity which we find to be very impressive, Don’t you think?

What’s the damage?

Timberland’s Pro Pitboss can cost anywhere between $80 to $160 which is a very good bargain considering they are high quality work boots. For harsh working environments, only such rigid work boots can guarantee users the required protection and comfort for their feet which are often times not very cheap. Furthermore, the Timberland Pro Pitboss is very durable which saves customers money, as replacements are not usually required. For work boots that are considered stronger for longer look nowhere other than Timberland.  Consider this work boot as a lifetime investment depending on how much you care for these essentials.